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Responsible Practice

Fishing Boat

Sustainable Seabeds

Our free divers and shell buyers are citizens of Pacific communities who depend on sustainable relationships with the ocean. They are professionals who respect the origin, growth and delicate nature of our shells. Harvesting practices are in line with their heritage and local laws. Constant communication and regular site visits keep us – and our international partners – informed and accountable. The quality and supply of our overseas products are affected by changes in sustainable management plans, voluntary reductions in harvest quantities, minimum size limits, and restrictions on harvesting areas.


Ocean Shell strives to maintain a current understanding of all relevant practices and legislation to ensure consistent, high quality products. Ocean Shell only deals with marine product exporters who hold an exporter licence. We absolutely oppose overfishing and exploitation of seabeds. We are happy to answer questions about our environmental and ethical processes.

 Abalone Grading

Community Partnerships

Carefully chosen, long-term partnerships enable us to produce high quality shell products. Many of these relationships are now friendships, as we have worked together for more than 10 years on a foundation of mutual trust and communication. Site visits are conducted at least once a year. We see with our own eyes the shores and factories where our shells are gathered and processed, and only work with responsible employers who ensure safe, legal and humane working conditions. 


Delivered with Care

Sustainability drives all we do – from gathering shells on the coastline to shipping products into your hands. Most of our freight is done by sea, which is the most eco-friendly way to transport cargo internationally. Ocean Shell only uses shipping companies that are working to minimise their environmental impact.


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