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Luméa New Zealand Abalone Shells are the most colourful in the world. They are used for smudge kits and home decor and further processed into shell materials for fashion, architecture, and design across the globe.

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White Mother Of Pearl

The lustrous pearly white colour of these shells reflects the pristine natural environment in which they are formed. When the layers of pure white nacre catch the light, subtle pink hues can be seen in the pearlescent lustre.

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Black Mother Of Pearl

Sustainably farmed in the remote Tahitian and Cook Island Lagoons, this black lipped oyster shell with its lustrous peacock colouring is bred to grow the world renowned mystical black pearls.

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From the ocean, to the universe. The galaxy veneers recapture the natural beauty of any shell. Made up of very fine pieces of shell to make this glittery veneer.

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Luméa Flexible Veneers are made by intricately fracturing a genuine uncoated shell veneer that has been applied to an adhesive backing. The flexibility provided allows users to apply to rounded or curved surfaces. Mostly smooth to touch with a natural sheen, no coatings are applied.

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